6 Reasons Why ALLURE LOVES Color Wow Root Cover Up

Color Wow Root Cover Up speaks for itself. It has won six, we repeat, SIX Allure “Best of Beauty” awards. According to the pros at Allure, the key to perfecting your look is Root Cover Up.

Here’s why:

1. It’s easy, instant, and precise. In a review of Color Wow Root Cover Up, Allure senior beauty editor Jenny Bailly says, “Here’s the thing about this Color Wow stuff, it’s a pressed powder that comes with a small brush so I can pinpoint my grays – and avoid my salon highlights – better than I can with a spray or loose powder.”

You simply have to press the cover up onto your hair root with the brush, and because it’s a pressed mineral powder, you can evenly control the application. That means it’s great for covering grey roots, extending the life of your highlights, managing your hairline, and blending in extensions. (Oh and did we mention it’s amazing for eye brows?!)

2. It’s technically temporary color, which means it stays in until it’s shampooed out. You can actually swim in it! No need to fret over exposing your roots during a beach vacation.

3. The reflective mineral powder gives a multidimensional effect and ensures that Root Cover Up looks totally natural. It has the texture and finish of real hair, and it’s available in eight shades so you can find your perfect match.

4. The product is never stiff, sticky, or waxy like mascaras, crayons, and sprays. That means no odd shine on your scalp, or crumbly build up on your hair root.

5. It’s a seriously great value. One compact will last between six months to a year. If only our salon color lasted that long…

6. It’s completely free of waxes, parabens, dyes, ppd’s, and it’s totally cruelty-free.