Bed Time Care for Extensions

IMG_7340For most of us, our nighttime routine is long enough with tooth care, skincare and so on, but if you have extensions extra steps are essential to to maintaining healthy, gorgeous looking hair. Since this service is quite an investment, here are some of our best tips for caring for and extending their life and maintaining your own hair.

Hair masque/deep conditioner. Sleeping with a mask or deep conditioner once a month nourishes and restores extensions. Ask your stylist for his or her specific product recommendation for your hair, but good choices are Bumble’s Mending and Quenching Masques. Deep conditioning keeps extensions shiny and in the best shape as possible because as hair that is not longer attached naturally to the scalp so it doesn’t get as much in the way of natural hair oils for conditioning. Apply it to your extensions (keeping away from your bonds, beads, or tape) and put it up in a loose bun or braid before getting in bed.

Braids. To avoid tangling, frizz, and even matting, put your hair extensions in a loose braid before bed and use a fabric elastic (scrunchi). Don’t pull too tight. Your hair will feel much better in the morning and you won’t have to brush as much. Over-brushing causes friction, leading to split ends and breakage.

Don’t Over Shampoo or Style. Try showering a couple of hours before bed and then allowing your hair to air dry, especially now since the wavy look is very trend on. Ask your stylists for tips specific to styling your hair. After lots of blow drying, straightening, and curling, your hair will be thankful to have a break. Also, try using a dry shampoo like Bumble’s Pret A Powder to remove excess oil and refresh your style without water.


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