How to: Busy Winner Gets Beach Curls!

May we tell you how excited we were when we drew the names of our Beach Curls for Busy Girls Contest Winners?! Ecstatic! We were especially delighted that some current clients and some new ones were represented.GrandPrizeWinner_LuxeOur winner Jamie is a hardworking mom and 5th grade teacher who had recently cut off her long hair. Her long time Luxe stylist Michelle also added amazing color and highlights for a natural glow just days before we notified her about her prize. She was worried that her shorter style would keep her from claiming her beach curls lesson. No way! In fact veteran stylist Stephanie relished the opportunity to show two different techniques for how beach curls can rock almost any head of hair, especially these days!

Our photos show Stephanie working with Jamie to teach her how to put those casual curls we all love so much into her great new short style, giving her even more versatility! After sectioning off the hair and spraying it with Spray de Mode (Bumble’s only Hair Spray with a heat protectant so it does double duty!), Stephanie started styling.

Because of the Jamie’s shorter length, her hair is not long enough to create a full curl in the nape area (that’s the back of your neck). So Stephanie put just a slight bend in the back sections of Jamie’s hair. “Even when there was not enough length to create a full curl it is still important to get some sort of bend in the underneath sections,” explains Stephanie. This keeps Jamie’s look “mullet free” so to speak … a look best left for Billy Ray Cyrus!

Stephanie was very careful to explain that keeping the tips straight and NOT curling them under is a signature of the beach curl — if the length of hair allows for it. Therefore she used her curling iron as a rod, forgoing the clamp on such short hair and held the ends straight with her fingers. “Use a glove to protect your hands,” she says, adding that even professionals like her like to keep from getting burned. Safety first ladies. As she moved forward to the front of her head, Stephanie changed techniques, clamping the hair in the middle of the strand, doing one full twist of the curling iron and then sliding and twirling at the same time to create a spiral. We know, right? Sounds complicated, but with a little practice, this great technique becomes a time saver! (See How To video HERE!) Once all the curls were placed, Stephanie added a couple in areas on the top that needed a bit of lift. She the sprayed with Bumble’s Surf Spray and scrunched the curls lightly for more texture with both hands. You can see the amazing end result on the last row of the photo collage. Outstanding! Now Jamie can go back to work with a new way to style her hair for the first day of school!

Ed Note: This post was updated 4-17-18.




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