Bumble Gives to Breast Cancer Research

Bumble’s pre-styler spray staple creates lasting lift, volume, and body – for your lushest blow dry, ever. When you buy the limited-edition pink ribbon Thickening Spray, they donate 20% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. Just a few bucks, but what a difference it is making in so many lives! Where It Goes & What It Does…

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Why Pumpkin Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs

By Jenn Wynn, Eminence Organic Skincare Pumpkin skincare? Well, not only does pumpkin pack a delicious and nutritious punch in your favorite recipes, pumpkin face masks could be your favorite skin care treatment too. With benefits that range from increasing moisture levels to brightening skin tone, pumpkin is a beauty-boosting superstar. Benefits Of Pumpkin In…

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How To Wash Your Face (Are You Doing It Wrong?) Part II

From Eminence Organics Skin Care, published on AUGUST 21, 2018 What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Face Need more persuasion on the importance of face-washing? Cast your mind back to the “caveman regimen” skin care trend, the short-lived fad which involved washing your face like a caveman, i.e., not at all. Quickly debunked by…

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