Chalking It Up To Fun with Bumble

It’s hard to deny that hair chalking is really popular with kids and adults alike, and we couldn’t be happier about it. As much as we love the trend, we know how hard it can be to find a good hair chalk that lasts all day long, doesn’t get all over you and then is easy to wash out once the fun is over. With their latest collection, however, Bumble and bumble seems to take the hassle out of getting creative.

Spraychalks, the brand’s limited edition collection of quick-dry sprays are available in blush, cobalt, lavender and mint. They spray in with a nozzle and wash clean in one shampoo. Bb. Editorial Stylist Laurent Philippon explains how to get the best results: “If you want a very strong color effect, apply the color very close to the hair. For a more subtle Screenshot 2013-10-09 00.57.16look, spray the hair further away and brush the colored pieces for a more diffused effect. Spraychalks open the door to at home creativity!” We couldn’t be more excited to change up our look so easily, especially with Halloween right around the corner! However, if you fall in love withthis look, stock up, as it will only be around for a short time!

Bumble also released its Pret-A-Powder, a dry shampoo/style extender/volume-in-a-pinch product, which is only sold in exclusive salons, such as Luxe. Think of it as a “good hair day extender” that may be easier to use than Bumble’s similar colored hair powder products. This goes on as translucent white but when combed through, becomes virtually unnoticeable and leaves you with clean hands and lots of body.

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