Deep Conditioning: Why Luxe Does it Best

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Sun, bleach, color, heated styling tools, salt and chlorine — All take their toll on our hair every day. For most women, even a good regular conditioner every day just isn’t enough to keep hair shiny and healthy, especially when it is baking outside. Even  kids, who probably have swam just about every day this summer and did not always shower the chlorine out of their hair (hey, it’s summer!), may have dry ends and breakage.

Luckily, deep conditioners and treatments (starting at $20 at Luxe) restore shine, moisture and softness to ever-battered hair and no one does it better than us and here is why:

Our professionals work wonders with your hair and choose from a multitude of product options from Bumble and Bumble, MoroccanOil or Goldwell based on your hair’s texture, length and needs.

Lay back and relax while you enjoy a scalp massage as our team works the treatment into your hair — a fabulous part of the service. Also, if it is hard to make sure that all parts of the hair are adequately covered if you are doing this at home. Then we’ll rinse with water that is adjusted to the temperature you prefer.

There is no work for you in terms of shopping, measuring, mixing, or rubbing — you relax and enjoy!

You can trust that you’ll see results! We use only top of the line products that are scientifically proven. In fact, some of the products will help your color last up to 20 shampoos longer, saving you money in the long run because you will not need to get hair colored as often.

Our professional dryers set the product quickly, which if you scheduled it, will come with a fabulous cut and color.

It will smell great! Many home remedies (like those with egg, mayonaise and so on) do not smell good on hair. The odor may linger longer than you’d like as well. Also, there are hidden factors like knowing to rinse some homemade remedies with cold water (yuck!) so that egg is not “cooked” into the hair. Also, some women with sensitive skin may break out around their hairline while using mayo and oils.

Bottom Line: The quality of the product as well as technique while applying treatments are both factors in the results you see. So ask your self what is your time worth and how much will you really save?





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