Monsoon Season: Fighting the Frizz?

Are you beginning to feel like you live in Seattle instead of Phoenix? Even though we may be enjoying the twist in the weather, our hair may not. The best way to beat the frizz is a two part approach: 1. Use MorrocanOil Products that have Climate Control Properties! They help fight frizz and dullness and help hair dry a bit quicker. 2. Try smoothing hair back into a pony tail or even better, a top knot to keep it away from the face and in control. Clients with shorter hair may just want to smooth it back with a brush, off the face. Luxe recommends Morrocan Oil Original for most clients or Light for blond or fine hair, as well as the Frizz Control. Talk with your stylist about which products in the line would be best for your hair type and meet the rainy/windy/humid weather gracefully!

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