Hair Straightening vs. Smoothing

The epic monsoons these days causing your hair to frizz? Isn’t it bad enough that when it is 107 degrees F and hotter out that you have to blow dry anyway? We at Luxe have several great solutions to help you battle blow dry heat, hair dryness and frizz! Before we talk about them, we’d like to explain the difference between straightening systems and smoothing systems.  There really is no true “straightening” system. What really happens is that the treatments revitalize and rejuvenate the hair leaving it softer, smoother, and in a healthier condition. There is dramatic reduction of frizz and curling, making hair easier to manage, thus reducing the time to style. It will be significantly softer, straighter & shinier and smoother, leaving your hair in an overall stronger condition. So the true answer is that the terms are interchangeable so long as clients understand that not all heads of hair will end up looking like they have just been flat ironed.

One choice we offer our clients is the Global Keratin Straightening System. Different than other straightening systems, GK leaves hair 99% frizz free and depending on the level of the application, reduces curling , but retains some body in your hair. With three levels, you can personalize to your hair type and desired outcome. For instance, if you have thinner hair that has kinky curl, but don’t want to lose the body, your stylist will probably recommend Level One, which will smooth hair, but retain body and some wave — not pin straight. For hair with lots of curl or if you’d like as little wave as possible, we’d recommend a Level Three, which is the most smoothing result possible. Talk with your stylist about your desired results and she can recommend the correct level  of the product to get your desired look. A great point to mention is that different levels can be used on different areas of the hair. Many people have curlier hair in the back than on the sides and with this product, your stylist can address that issue as well.

Another option for Luxe clients is a new, 0% formaldehyde product called “The Best.” The Best is another smoothing system for various hair types. Like the GK level system mentioned above, outcome depends on your hair type, but smoother, more frizz free hair is a positive result each time. Your stylist can talk with you about what type of results you can expect with this system specifically for your hair.

Both systems require clients to go through a specific application process and then wait two days before shampooing or conditioning, swimming, clipping up or putting hair in a ponytail or other similar actions in order to let the smoothing treatment take 100% effect.

Once you have had the treatment, we recommend coming in to Luxe for a Juvexen Masque. This special, luxurious treatment for smoothed hair replenishes Keratin in the hair and makes the smoothing treatments last longer and is only $20. Applied with hot towels and massage, it is a relaxing treat.

If you have any questions about the salon’s smoothing systems, please call us at Luxe 480-209-1659 or be sure to inquire with your stylist next time you are in the salon to see what these products can do to make styling and maintaining gorgeous hair so easy! Also note, that as technology and products change and improve, we may offer different lines and different products so that we can be sure to continuously offer clients the very best of what is available. 


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