Luxe’s Best Tips for Brides-To-Be!

We are proud to share this collection “Tried and True” advice for brides we’ve learned over the years to make you feel more comfortable, look better and feel amazing on your special day!

Prepping for Glowing Wedding Skin & Great Makeup:

4-6 Mo. Out: Get FREE Face Mapping done at Luxe to get prescription for Cleanser, Eye Cream and All Over Moisturizer. Start on exfolliants: Micro Derms and/or Chemicals Peels as prescribed by esthetician.

1 Mo. Out: Start Hydrating Facials, drink 8 glasses of water daily, cut back on caffeine and alcohol to keep skin hydrated.

Trial Day: No toners or moisturizers, come with a clean face. Bring photos of looks you like so the artist can get a sense of your style and bring photos of your self in makeup that you like as well.

Day of Wedding: Wash skin but skip toners, moisturizer and other products (like sunscreen) that will be between skin and makeup for better, long lasting application.

“Day Of” keep in your purse: Blotting sheets (designed to absorb oil or sweat without removing makeup) and a lip gloss/stick.


Beautiful Bridal Nails (and Toes!):

Natural Nails: We suggest our Brides (and Attendants) use one of our gel polish lines on fingers and toes (especially if the honeymoon is someplace sandy that grinds polish down) because it stays “fresh” looking longer, even into the honeymoon. This service can be done in advance to help ease the last minute rush. Brides who prefer regular polish should have services the “day of” or at longest the day before their event. Our Professional Nail Techs provide Brides with tips to make fingers and toes look fresh the day of the wedding and into the honeymoon in this case.

Gel Enhancements: These can be done in advance, but no more than a few days, especially if the bride has very short nails or no nail tips to work with. Again, we’ll provide the Bride with tips to make fingers and toes look fresh the day of the wedding and into the honeymoon. Gel Fills require the same timing as a new set.



Shiny Bridal Hair Prep:

4-6 Mo. Out: Talk with your stylist about your ideas for how you’d like to wear your hair on your Wedding Day. Discuss extensions, color, style. Start with deep conditioning treatments at the salon.

1 Mo. Out/Trial Day: Come with clean hair. Make sure to get a deep conditioning treatment at the salon and talk with stylist about treatments to use at home weekly.

1-2 weeks: Touch up color and cut; add extensions if chosen.

“Day Of” keep in your purse: Bobby pins, comb, mini hair spray, lipstick.


Other Services to Consider:

Waxing (should be done 3-5 days before Wedding)

Massage (helps keep stress at bay; a few days before Wedding)

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