Meet Bb Don't Blow It

dont blow it 2Ready to give your blow dryer the day off? Bumble’s latest offering is perfect for a hot summer. “Don’t Blow It brings the best out of air-dried hair. It adds body with a weightless feel. Your hair, but better,” says Laurent Philippon, Bb’s Global Artistic Director. Prickly Pear and Cactus Flower extracts keep hair soft and hydrated. Apply by raking product through hair with fingers and lifting at roots. Be sure to arrange hair in a final style when it is 80% air dried. Your stylist can work with you on the perfect way to use this product to get a stress- and heat- free summer look!

The Details:

What: A first-of-its kind creme to give you a beautiful air-dried look with a product-free feel.

Why: Polymers and plant-based conditioners enhance texture and body. The blend provides a lightweight, touchable finish. UVA and UVB filters protect against the damaging effects of the sun.

Who: For any air-drier who wants to enhance their texture. Ideal for fine to medium hair.

When: On days when you want to avoid heat styling.

How: Work into towel-dried hair by squeezing or twisting.

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