Mother’s Day Winners Announced!

Our Mother’s Day Contest gave deserving moms an opportunity to be nominated by the families and win a Day of Beauty and Pamering!

We were so touched by EVERY entry we received for our Mother’s Day contest. Each daughter or son who wrote in spoke so beautifully of what their moms give up or do for them daily. It was a terribly hard choice for us to make and solidified our resolve to remind everyone how hard moms work to take care of their families and others close to them. How much they give of themselves at work on a daily basis. Each and every mom really deserves to take time for themselves and take care of themselves — mind and body. Our owner and management were so touched in fact, they added an additional prize on to the contest for an extremely deserving runner up. Thank you again for all of the submissions and for the chance to work with you to do something nice for those special to you. Our best to moms everywhere!

It solidified our resolve to remind everyone how hard moms work to take care of their families and others close to them.

Here is an excerpt from Grand Prize Winner Alexis Quintana’s entry. She will treat her to a Luxe Mini Spa Day and $50 Otaku Gift Card:

There are a million reasons why my mom is the best. She had me at a young age. She gave up a lot of her life to raise me. Till this day she does anything to make me happy. Looking at her you’d think nothing was wrong. Unfortunately, she is currently suffering from a tumor in her head. Luckily it is not cancerous. It’s taken a toll on her …

My dad is in the Navy and eight months ago he was ordered back to San Diego. My mom didn’t want to make me start at a whole new school my senior year. She decided to stay here with me until I graduate. We couldn’t afford to pay rent on two homes so we had to downgrade to an apartment, but my mom did not mind one bit, as she knew how much it meant to me to graduate with my friends. It’s hard and she made a very big sacrifice in her marriage being long distance for almost a year.

The past six months I have been trying to enlist in the Navy. Unfortunately, after two times of failing the ASVAB and wanting to give up, she wouldn’t let me. Even though we were tight on money she was willing to spend nearly $2,000 on tutoring sessions for me so I could pass the test. After a month of studying I took the test for the third time and passed! My mom has never been so proud and as of this past Monday I officially belong to the United States Navy and I ship out August 6th!

She’s been crying all week telling everyone she is not ready for her baby girl to grow up. She has always pushed me to do better. My mother is strict but she’s the best. I was always taken care of because of her. I value my self worth because of her. I’m strong, respected, and beautiful because of this woman.

Here is Runner Up Heather Ladd’s Entry. She will treat her mom to a Luxe Mini Spa Day:

I would love for my Mom to win this special treat.  I have been blessed with having my Mom in my life.  She has always been there for me and anyone else who needs her.  My Mom works full time, always has, to help support our family but still always has time to give.

She has spent the last several years acting as a caregiver to her Mom, my Grammie, until recently my Grammie passed away.  My Mom would work a full day, go home to get food for my Dad set up (he is retired on disability, is diabetic and has had two open heart surgeries), then would go to my Grammie’s aid until late into the evening. She would head home, do what work around the house she could before collapsing to sleep and getting up the next day to do all again.

Her weekends are spent running errands for the two households and also helping my Uncle (her brother) who is in a wheelchair with his errands.  She would skimp on herself and in fact, the first pedicure she ever had was when I took her when she was on “vacation” to visit me this last year. First time she had ever had paint on her toes! She loved it and has yet to treat herself again.

When my Dad got sick, she would sleep at the hospital each night just so she could be close to him even though he had no idea she was there. She would then go from the hospital to work to my Grammie’s side and back again. She would never complain.

In the midst of all that she does, she will find little bits of time and will call me and leave messages on my phone just to tell me little special messages.  She will tell me that I am talented and can do anything, she will tell me she loves me, she will tell me how proud of me and the woman and mom I have become. I have no idea how she does it all!

My Mom is so beautiful and I wish she knew just how much that was true.  She is too busy to stop and take care of herself and that breaks my heart.  She is so loving and so caring and I wish I could do more for her.

After my Grammie’s funeral I mentioned to my Mom that her and Dad should move down here to Arizona to be with us. I wanted to have them closer to us and the grandkids. They could spend more time with us and I could be here to help them out when they needed.  My Mom responded of course with that she could help me out with our two daughters and save us money on childcare. Again, she is thinking of how she can serve and help someone else! They are moving here this week and I am so blessed to have them here.

My Mom has never moved from home, she and my Dad live 30 minutes from where she grew up and they have lived in the same home since the day they were married. She sold that home, and packed up everything to move to a state she knows nothing about, with no job, to be here with us, for us, AMAZING!

I have set up an appointment with Stephanie for my Mom to get her hair done and styled with professional color treatment (no cheap box color for her anymore!) I want to treat my Mom so that she can feel as loved, important and beautiful as she really is. I want her to know how much she means to me and to all of us in the family. She is our rock and the most amazing part is that she has no idea how special she really is. I love her so much and winning this for her would be a way that I could show her that she is worthy of the winners treatment and a day of beauty at a glamorous salon and spa.

She would be blown away and I would love to be able to watch her bloom with these services that she could never do for herself.  Thank you for the opportunity to share about my Mom and I hope you select her.

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