My Day at Luxe By Hannah Spehar

Note: Hannah, our beautiful, gracious Prom Contest Grand Prize Winner, wrote this lovely account of her time with us at Luxe that we wanted to share. We have asked her to work with us from time to time going forward as our Teen Correspondant and are very excited to have her join our team!

When I found out that I won the Luxe Salon Prom contest I was so overjoyed. They truly know how to make a girl feel like a PRINCESS! It started all on Thursday night I went to get my brows done and then a VersaSpa spray tan. Then they did my brows and I was so amazed by how exact they made them and how much time they took to make them look perfect. I then got my spray tan, which is amazing because it helped me get rid of my super white skin without me looking orange. It made me perfectly brown!

I had a hard time sleeping that night, I was so excited for the next day. Friday at noon I arrived at Luxe once again and they swept me back to the nail room to Amanda. She’s amazing. First she helped me pick out the perfect colors for my dress and shoes and then she shaped and polished my nails, making them all look great. She was so friendly and sweet and did an amazing job!

Next it was my turn in the makeup chair. Molly Hutchins did my makeup and she is just so wonderful. When I got to see the finished results I was amazed, it blew me away. When she was all done with my makeup, it was my turn to get my hair done and when I got to see it all done it was unbelievable!

All the staff at Luxe are so sweet and made me feel so welcome. I want to also give a special thanks to Deb Smith who does the salon’s contest and marketing. She was beyond amazing, and sweet. She worked so hard to get everything scheduled in time for my prom, making sure everything was perfect. I feel so blessed to be chosen for this. I was so amazed with the finished results, the whole night I got so many compliments about how great I looked. I owe it all to Luxe Salon and Spa.


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