New Menu Item: Braids

Great news! We’ve added braids to our menu officially! You can add them on to any paid hair service for $15 (includes one simple braid, no special occasion styles — see stylist or front desk for details). A simple braid by itself on our menu will start at $28 and the price will go up depending on 1) the intricacy of the braid AND 2) the discretion of the stylist and based on the time it takes to do the service. Not all of our stylists can do the same types of braids so the more specific you can be about what you’d like the better we can do at booking you with the right stylist to achieve the desired look. For the best experience hair must be clean, unstyled and dry and without much product. Not all stylists can acheive all braid types. Be sure to specify your request at booking. Thanks!

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