Professional Products Save Money!

Bb.Blow Dry Social Media Icon - FamilyWe at Luxe just want to provide a quick reminder of the benefits of Professional Products. Besides the fact that a “Doctor of Hair” has crafted a prescription of products that are formulated to give you the exact results you’d like, here are three little reminders that may change they way you view Professional Products:

1. Drug Store or Super Market Products are often diluted, so often more product than necessary is needed and used, emptying the bottle more quickly. Also, these products tend to have higher PH which strips hair (and color!) and causes dryness. Supermarket conditioners tend to be waxy, which leads to build up and can often mask the results of a good cut and color. With professional products, your hair color lasts longer and you use only the amount of product you need, which means it lasts longer.

2. What if I want buy the same professional products in the drug or grocery store? Don’t. Often these products are “diverted,” meaning they are taken illegally from the supply chain and their contents or quality can not be verified. They could be expired, the bottles could contain totally different product or even product that has been diluted or tampered with. None of these are a good deal! Diverted products also cost manufacturers money as well so they may raise product prices to make up the difference.
3. How many times have you purchased a product that sounded like it would provide great results but ended up sitting on the shelf? Our professionals use the products on your hair that achieve the look you have requested. Therefore you are only paying for what you need and won’t mistakenly wind up with something that does not work. Also, your stylist will be happy to teach proper product usage and you can tune into our Instagram account for the latest tips and tricks, especially for our #ProTipTuesday!
Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

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