Perms? Oh, yeah they are BACK!


This client got a perm using her own hair as the rods to create a gentle wave that looks almost air dried. Hair by Sara Montoya #saraatluxe

Joining the rotary phone and actual film for cameras, perms are an 80s phenomenon. Yards of kinky, curly volumized strands dotted the heads of celebrities and regular types alike and then slowly went out of style and disappeared — kind of like the floppy disk.

Fast forward to the 21st century, 2017 to be exact. So popular are the beach curl look, that many women are seeking perms in lieu of their curling irons. It is not the fluffy, frizzy tight curl perm from say “Steel Magnolias” (go ahead, look it up on — we’ll wait), but a natural wave or bend in the hair — movement without additional heat and styling time.

Modern techniques include keeping hair straighter on the top half with the bend in the hair starting at the mid length and ends. The other big change is using a larger rod to create a loose, soft bend in the hair that mimics more of an air dried look. We’ve even had stylists use a braiding technique to create the loose curls that a client loved and wanted.

So yes, the perm is back in a big, customized way! And you can get one here at Luxe. CALL US: 480-209-1659.

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