Prom Style: Tips and Tricks


Calling all Prom goers! Will you go classic black or white? Trendy lace? Purple reign or Royal blue? Or another color of the moment, Emerald? Once you’ve picked the dress, what to do with hair and makeup? Styling, as it is called, is as important as the dress you choose and how it fits you. It is about communicating your vision of yourself the way you want others to see you. It is very personal, unique and special. In addition to picking a flattering dress, here are some time honored tips we’ve collected:

1. Do you. You can never go wrong by staying true to yourself. So if you are like Bella Swan and heels aren’t your thing, go with those Chuck Taylors if they call to you. A big trend now that goes along with the Boho or Hippie Chic style beside the hi-lo hem (or shark bite) are flower crowns for hair — the Nordstrom Brass Plum Blog has some great tips on how to make your own. Bring it with you to your hair appointment and we will make sure it looks amazing and stays on! Also, chalk colored highlights are hot to compliment your dress color as well. Again, another trend that we can help you execute flawlessly!

2. Start with clean hair. There’s a dirty rumor (pun intended!) that day old hair is best for updos and styles. It just ins’t so says Mel B. Torres, stylist. “We can grit (dirty) up the hair with product!” she explains. “If the hair is oily, the curl or style won’t hold well or for very long. Plus everyone wants fresh clean hair for there special day!”

3. Get waxing done at least a few days before prom — especially if you plan to tan. Schedule waxing at 3-5 days out, says Todatiyah Morris, esthetician. Schedule tanning in the early evening and come wearing dark comfy clothing to tan (we recommend Level Three for the best and most even glow) and then hit the sheets for bed. Try not to shower the same day for darkest possible results. NOTE: Once tan is dry, it will not stain clothing or sheets.

Photo/janae limongelli

Photo/janae limongelli

4. Nails can wait if … If you plan on getting gel or acrylic enhancements, you can schedule getting nails a few days out, but for natural polish, don’t go more than 24 hours before an event to keep chances of chipping to a minimum, advises nail technician Tammy Rosenberg. Nail Technician Melissa Paolo is offering a great deal on a full set of acrylic nails for just $40 (save $20) throughout the month of April when you book with her exclusively! Please mention this blog and get the details from our Front Desk at time of booking.


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