Blogger Visit: Skin Care In My 30’s, PART I

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a post about Luxe on It has been used with permission.


“I’m 33 and I love being in my 30’s. But things are happening with my body that didn’t happen in my 20’s.  Don’t tell anyone but I may have a few gray hairs 🙁 I’ve also noticed my skin just isn’t the same as it use to be. Some fine lines are starting to show and I have some discoloration on my forehead from having my girls. It’s easy to cover the grays with some hair dye but taking care of my skin has been a whole other issue. I didn’t even know where to start. When my friends at LUXE Salon asked me to sample their facials I was so excited. I need to learn skin care in my 30’s and I’m so glad I finally had a place to do.


I met with Krista, the lead esthetician at Luxe Salon & Spa. She asked me some questions about my skin and then we did a skin analysis where she looked at my skin under lights. After she examined my skin we chatted about what was going on. I just had a baby 7 month before that and hormonal changes were still happening in my body. This was effecting my skin and she also could see some fine lines starting to form. I knew they were there because someone had recently told me I must be very expressive. Hmm, I think that was just a passive way to say they could see my wrinkles. I cried a little inside …” to read more click here:

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