Specialized Lighting Enhances Our Spa Services

IMG_0435So you might have heard we moved to an amazing new salon and spa location. One of the major changes we made (besides, um, almost all of decor in the salon) was to upgrade our whole audio/video system thanks to owner Brian Wasilefsky of iHomeLogic and his team.

Of all of the changes we made, one of the things we are most excited about for our clients is the installation of the Philips Hue system in our treatment rooms. This addition makes our award winning day spa even better! Philips Hue combines brilliant LED light with intuitive technology. Using special bulbs along with the integrated technology, we can set the colors in our treatment rooms to create the perfect environment. We can help you relive your favorite sunset or that day on the beach last summer, using light improve your mood and impart many other biological benefits.

Hue has light recipes, such as ‘Relax’ with a soft, soothing glow that is the natural antidote to a hectic life. But we are not limited to any set of colors and will have some great options in our rooms so now you can relive that glorious sunset or bring the calm of the ocean straight into your massage room. Whatever you feel like.

We plan to have each room’s lighting system fully operational by the end of this month if not sooner, but be sure to ask us next time you are in about how we can customize your experience. If you have not had one of our spa treatments, don’t forget you can save 15% off in any department you have not yet tried.

Thanks again to Brian and iHomeLogic and the whole team!

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