Start Hydrating Your Hair Now Says Allure

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.41.20 PMAccording to Allure, if you’ve “had the same hair protection plan since you were in the baby pool—that is, no plan at all—you’re overdue.” Strand-saving treatments should begin a month before the first beach weekend and hopefully even before you start swimming.

Opps! Between making sure you had the right kind of sunscreen for your kids so they don’t become lobsters at the sea shore and making sure you packed clean underwear for your husband, taking care of your hair just did not make your short list, right?  It is not too late and can be something you do without a regular appointment (READ: when you have 3 minutes extra time in your shower) … Start with a Deep Conditioning Treatment (try Bumble’s Mending or Quenching Masques or the MoroccanOil Hair Masks — your stylist can direct you to just the right one for your hair type) at least as part of your regular hair service. We suggest, as a preventative measure, to do this weekly.

Or go one better and do Goldwell’s Color Lock Serum. This $20 enhancement service is proven to prolong your color service for 22 additional washes! It instantly locks in color when applied right after your color service and intensifies the color brilliance. (So, to summarize, this means that for $20 more, your color service will last a lot longer — not to mention how it makes hair feel!) If weekly masks leave hair stringy, choose volumizing and salt sprays—they soak up oil, keeping roots dry instead of slick. The perfect solution: Bumble Surf Spray! Remember buy two retail products and take 15% off!

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