Summer Series: Waxing Tips

OK, so the pool and beach (if you are lucky to escape town!) beckon now that the thermometer has hit 100F+! It is our proper duty to remind you about a summer waxing routine. Here are our top suggestions for a successful depilatory experience at Luxe:

Waxing before tanning. Always wax before spray tanning. Waxing naturally exfoliates the skin and will remove any color application. There is also small potential for infection.

Be sun safe. Waxed skin is photosensitive and more susceptible to burning, so take extra care to so cover up and wear sunscreen, especially after waxing.

Smooth shaving. If you have been shaving, try to wait 3-4 weeks before getting waxed. If you get a wax prematurely, you may not achieve the long-lasting results of a great bikini wax. Avoid shaving between appointments. Shaving will negate all the positive benefits of waxing and can irritate hair follicles, leading to those nasty bumps we all hate.

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