Surf Spray Makes Summer Hair Easier

Surf-ImageIf you have not already discovered Bb Surf Spray (not to mention the rest of the Bb Surf Products) you are missing out. There is no easier way to manage summer hair (of ANY kind) than Surf Spray. Here are three ways that our stylists suggest anyone can use it to combat summer hair woes:
1. Stop hair from getting sweaty: spray roots in the morning and let air dry so that the salt soaks up sweat and oil as you go through your day.
2. Make hair look fuller: Bigger is back, so mist hair three or four times from as arm’s length away to create tons of texture and body and that beachy, tousled look.
3. Take a plain updo and make it more, well, summery: After putting hair up, spray and scrunch your bun or braid and create that “undone” look or use spray on roots and crown and rub in for a quick lift.

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