Tinting for Clients with Active Lifestyles

Looking for ways to simplify your beauty routine?Closed eye with eye shadows

InStyle magazine recommends seeking out a pro (that’s us here at Luxe!) to tint lashes, which allows you to forego mascara (and potential raccoon-eyes) like Jennifer Aniston does. We offer the service for $25 and it takes about 15-20 minutes. We use a vegetable dye tint that is applied to the lashes on closed eyes and gives the effect a darker, thicker lashes. The dye sets for 10 minutes.

Lash tinting is especially perfect for people with light lashes, have lashes that fade at the ends (more common than you think) and especially those of us who are on-the-go and/or active. Imagine running out the door and hitting the gym or the pool without a worry about mascara running. The service lasts 4-6 weeks (just like our hair), but at a MUCH lower cost. If you use a department store mascara, the investment is about the same, but think of the time you’ve saved! Now, all you need is and appointment and a good curler!

Don’t forget that we do brows as well, which helps them look fuller and frame the face even more. The service is slightly more expensive at $20 and takes about the same amount of time.

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