How to Use Bumble's Hair Powders

hairpowdersOur Product of the Month in the Salon is Bumble’s Hair Powder. It may be that dry shampoos are the most coveted yet misused and misunderstood type of styling product EVER. Some of us mere mortals must make the hair Gods crazy with our well meaning misuse. Seriously! So lets talk about how to use powders, particularly these colored powders that are so crazy versatile and are 20% off during the month of March 2015!

So let’ s start from the beginning. Did you know that the origin of the powder room dates back to the days when wigs were powdered before being presented to a member of a royal court?  (Good to know that some of our practices come from royalty even when having dirty or oily hair doesn’t feel so royal). During the late 1800s, the term began to describe the room to which women would excuse themselves to “powder their noses.” Usually, this euphemism covered everything from needing to apply makeup to an excuse for leaving the table when the conversation at the dinner table turned to stodgy business practices or other topics deemed indecent for female ears.

These days, powder is still used on hair (and noses), but it helps with styling by: providing texture and boost at the root, dry cleaning hair that is oily and even quick tinting the roots of dry hair (prolong that color service!).

Now let’s chat about how to style or tint clean hair. As mentioned, Bumble’s Hair Powder requires a slightly oily surface to adhere. So clean hair benefits from a light application of Bb Styling Wax as a base. Use a comb to section your dry hair at the scalp and hold the can 10-12 inches away from your hair and spray thoroughly. Let the powder dry completely. Then shake out excess powder with your fingers, being careful of clothing and then style.

If you want to dry clean hair, identify the oily areas and spray them thoroughly, holding can 10-12 inches from dry hair. Let it dry completely and then brush out thoroughly before you style. Again, protect clothing, bath and bed linens during use (spots can be easily removed with soap and water).

So let’s review. Extremely important points to get it just right:

  • Dry hair and oily hair are extremely important so that the product will adhere properly. 
  • Coating the hair properly from the right distance away from your scalp means no over or underspray
  • Shaking our on clean hair and brushing out on dirty after it DRIES COMPLETELY means success.

Of course, your stylist can give you even more specific tips for your hair type and color. Be sure to ask next time you are Luxe!

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