Why Kissing is a Beauty Treatment

The site, healthyandbeloved.com shares a collection of little known facts, er, wives tales in some cases, about smooching we’d thought you’d like to know in time for Valentine’s Day! Our fav? Well appropriately, it is #14!

1. Thirty-seven percent of men keep their eyes open while kissing whereas 97 percent of women close theirs.

2. A one minute kiss can burn as many as twenty six calories.

3. Research shows that almost every muscle in the body can be used when two people kiss.

4. It is said that if you kiss a person with the same hair color as you, the result is more passionate.

5. In a lifetime we can expect to receive some 25,000 kisses, ranging from pecks on the cheek to the full-blown weak-at-the-knees variety.

6. Our brains have special neurons which help us to locate another pair of lips in the dark.

7. A kiss can be ten times more effective than morphine in reducing pain, as it’s thought that it activates the body’s natural pain-killers. So when a mother tells her injured child that she’ll kiss it better, that’s exactly what she does.

8. The Ancient Egyptians kissed with their noses. Lips didn’t come into it.

9. The average person spends around fourteen days of their life kissing.

10. The longest kiss lasted for 17 days, 10½ hours in Chicago, 1984. The longest screen kiss between Jane Wyman and Reg Toomey, who smooched for 185 seconds in You’re in the Army Now in 1940.

11. It is still technically illegal in Indiana for a mustached man to “habitually kiss human beings.”

12. In medieval Italy, if a couple were seen kissing, they could be forced to marry.

13. The most famous screen kiss of all time has got to be Between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind. But in reality, Gable’s false teeth and whisky-laden breath made Leigh shudder with distaste!

14. Kissing acts as a beauty treatment. It makes your eyes shine and your skin glow.

15. Babies who are kissed are often more affectionate in later life.

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